Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hero Name: Orc (Fantasy)
Civilian Name: Various
Professional Career: Leader (To Hit / H)
Hobby Career: Animal Trainer - Boars (Block Fantastic / H)
Charge: Subordinates, Chief

Orcs kind of found their own life simply by filling in the 'Template'. I rather like the vision the this build gives of the 'traditional' Orc. True brawlers with a penchant for combat, shrugging off the mightiest of blows... 

Build:  [  ] Quick  [X] Powerful
Mentality:  [  ] Logical  [X] Intuitive
Temperament:  [X] Bold  [  ] Cautious

Action Dice and Powers
Move Die:  [  ] High (Q)  [X] Low (P)  [  ] Weak
    Movement Powers:
To Hit Die:  [X] High (B) [  ] Low (C)  [  ] Weak
    Targeting Powers:
Evade Die:  [  ] High (C)  [X] Low (B)  [X] Weak
    Evasion Weakness: Blood Lust
Damage Die (add +1):  [X] High (P)  [  ] Low (Q)  [  ] Weak
    Mundane Attack Powers: Vicious Blade +1
    Fantastic Attack Powers:
Block Mundane Die:  [  ] High (L)  [X] Low (I)  [  ] Weak
Block Fantastic Die:  [X] High (I)  [  ] Low (L)  [  ] Weak
    Barrier Powers: Invulnerability +1

TL: 1
Life: 15
Training: Fantastic Attack Power: Intimidate (Limited to other Orcs) +1
Doubles: 0

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