Monday, January 23, 2012

HiLo Villian: Necromancer

Dan, of Sword and Board, has renewed my interest into HiLo Heroes, written by Jeff Moore. To be honest, I never lost interest in it. I just have no one to play a Supers game with, and I am not all that big of a fan of the Super's Genre. But I intend to press on, focusing on how to incorporate it into more of a Fantasy or Punk setting.

So, without further ado: PANDORA (Necromancer)

Hero Name: Pandora 
Civilian Name: Vineal Gith
Professional Career: Taxidermist
Hobby Career: Madam
Charge: Daughters Corpse

Vineal Gith was a small town Taxidermist, making trophies of Adventurer's kills, until the death of her only child. Now she seeks out a way to revive her. How, she does not care.

Build:  [X] Quick  [  ] Powerful
Mentality:  [X] Logical  [  ] Intuitive
Temperament:  [X] Bold  [  ] Cautious

Action Dice and Powers
Move Die:  [X] High (Q)  [  ] Low (P)
    Movement Powers: Weakness - Walk of the Dead
To Hit Die:  [X] High (B) [  ] Low (C)
    Targeting Powers:
Evade Die:  [  ] High (C)  [X] Low (B)
    Evasion Powers: Martial Dodge +2
Damage Die (add +1):  [  ] High (P)  [X] Low (Q)
    Mundane Attack Powers: Poisoned Blade +1
    Fantastic Attack Powers: Life Drain +1 
Block Mundane Die:  [X] High (L)  [  ] Low (I)
Block Fantastic Die:  [  ] High (I)  [X] Low (L)
    Barrier Powers: Invulnerable +1, Leather Armor +1

Life: 12 
Training: Undead Minion (Phantasmal Force), Damage +1, Mundane 
Training Level: 4
Doubles: 0 (60 spent: 4 Powers, 2 Life)


Doubles really should be (30+40+50+20 for Powers, or three additional Powers with one increased to a +2, +20 Life = 160 Doubles!). I don't like the exponential increase in cost for them at moment, for Powers. Granted it is easier to increase an already existing Power, but I will have to ruminate on this a bit. Just how long would it take to roll 160 doubles?! Play-testing required!




  1. Thanks. Took me longer than I wanted, but still had it done in under 10 minutes.

    What do you think of the Power cost?