Wednesday, January 25, 2012

House Rules

I really like what Dan is doing on Sword and Board. It has renewed my interest in HiLo Heroes. Okay, maybe not my interest, because I have always been interested in it, but maybe my passion.

Anyway, I have been thinking of some character creation House Rules, un-play-tested of course, for character creation.
  • Degrading/Nullifying Powers - Instead of doing Life damage, they damage or nullify the opponent's power
  • Life increases by a +1 with each 'advancement'
  • Life can be purchased for 10 Doubles, out of combat
  • Individual Powers can be advanced to a maximum of +3
  • 'Add-on' Powers can be 'tagged' to Individual Powers, such as; Shadow Blast +3 (Heroic +1), designating a Heroic Shadow Blast for a total of +4, but can not exceed a total +5 modifier. (Still have to figure out the Doubles pricing for this.
  • All 'advancements' are out of combat
More to come when I have a chance....


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  1. One thing I'd like to mention ... I don't think that you have had much first hand experience playing HiLo ... but the "training" of a power works hand in hand with the doubles mechanic for a power up on the fly ... and understand the desire for a house rule to have advancements happen out of combat ... but let me tell you, when a player suddenly gets that level in the middle of a fight it's a genuine high five moment that to my knowledge no other game system can emulate. Because of "training" there are no special decisions to make on the fly so the level up is instantaneous and doesn't slow the flow of combat ... and if the Hero had taken some damage ... the sudden heal from the level up is helpful indeed. We see plenty of examples of heroes in comics finding a second wind and reentering a fight with renewed vigor so I don't think the application of the rule is unprecedented. Just my own thoughts!