Monday, March 5, 2012

New Combat Example...

After talking with Jeff, I think this might be a better example comic...

I hope I got it right, initially I wanted to roll again for Damage, but it reads as if you use the dice from the Attack & Defense Roll to determine Damage as well?

But anyway, Jeff, this is what I would have loved to have seen in the book. Obviously with the correct flow of dice during an exchange. Maybe I am just reading too much into it, but as you should be able to tell, I am still a tad lost as to when to roll, and what dice are retained from what rolls to get each score...

Can you HBO (Help a Brother Out) ?



  1. This is perfect! Listen, the each die roll has a dual purpose thing was meant to speed things along ... if it's confusing or hard to get used to then there's no reason a play group can't opt to roll separately for things ... the intent is:

    1] initiative roll

    used to find turn order, number of actions and movement in squares

    2] action roll

    used to hit a target in combat and determine damage

    3] reaction roll

    used to evade a hit against you and to soak damage done to you from a successful hit

    Although I am trying not to change anything in the current HiLo ... I am going to be changing some terms and trying to clean up and make clarifications.

    Your input helps me very much!



  2. Jeff, I think I may have identified a mental block I had to hurdle. For example, "(Potential Damage is based upon the original Attack Roll; an additional roll of the dice is not made)"

    That thru me! When it boils down to three contested rolls total, assuming a successful hit, for a combat exchange, stating not to roll is not intuitive for me, when most games only tell you when to roll. I do not know if I would have gleaned the same without that verbiage, but I have identified it as a, "Hmmm, am I getting this right?" moment.

    HiLo Heroes Rocks!