Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Visualizing HiLo Heroes Encounter

While talking with Jeff, in the comments section of this post, I explained that I would have grasped the HiLo Heroes game mechanic easier, or quicker, if there were visuals of actual play. Rather than try to explain what I meant, I decided that showing what I meant would work better.

This is a VERY rough example of what I had in mind...

Crap! I meant to 'un-fill' Debbie's start icon and draw a movement arrow showing her path to Doc Goblin and a flashy 'POW!' marker, though she actually missed her second action attack roll....

Hope this shows what I would have liked to 'see' in the combat section... might be more work than it is worth, but it would have helped me. Especially with when to roll and what Action Die to use; Move for initiative, To Hit and Evade for attack exchange, etc.



  1. Shouldn't Doc Goblin's initiative be a 7?

    1. Yes, his actual roll is right-side-middle, the modified roll is bottom-right-corner.

      After a recent email from Jeff, I think I have head wrapped around this combat dice rolling exchange to were I can fit it all on one page.

      Should have a new example up before too long.