Friday, June 4, 2010

Brian's M&M Page: Battle suit with a vengeance

Brian Roth, aka Joshua Dunlow, has done it again.

Brian's M&M Page: Battle suit with a vengeance

Wow, what can I say? JD has outdone himself IMHO and is, and will always be, my hero! This character is quite interesting to me, though I don't understand the full mechanics of the build, I can easily see the concept behind the build. What grabs me, besides the ease of reading the layout, is the interaction between Vengeance and her "Battle Suit". Making her addicted to her suit through the use of a Drawback/Complication is something I had never considered. Granted, I don't grasp the mechanical aspects of those rules, yet, this build will most definently have me looking at them closer. My initial opinion on Drawbacks/Complications was that they were the 'looser' mechanics to the system. What I mean by that, is that they seem to be the most, if not too, flexible rules.

A closer look is defenently in order if I can get similar results!


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