Monday, June 28, 2010

HiLo Heroes: More Fantasy

Hero Name: tae'Shedeth (Beloved for Time Eternal) 
Civilian Name: Shedeth the Sly
Professional Career: Rogue (Quick Career, Move / H)
Hobby Career: Alchemy (Cautious Career, Evade / H)
Charge: Duin (Sister of the Crescent Moon)

Shedeth's sister, Duin, had gone missing many moons ago. Shedeth's sole purpose in life is to find the cult that ensnared her sister's weak mind and make them pay. In her travels she gets by, by stealing what she needs and acquiring information the same way.

Build:  [X] Quick  [  ] Powerful
Mentality:  [X] Logical  [  ] Intuitive
Temperament:  [  ] Bold  [X] Cautious

Action Dice and Powers
Move Die:  [X] High (Q)  [  ] Low (P)  [  ] Weak
    Movement Powers: Fleet of Elven Foot +1
To Hit Die:  [  ] High (B) [X] Low (C)  [X] Weak
    Targeting Powers: Backstab +1
Evade Die:  [X] High (C)  [  ] Low (B)  [  ] Weak
    Evasion Powers:
Damage Die (add +1):  [  ] High (P)  [X] Low (Q)  [  ] Weak
    Mundane Attack Powers: Daggers +1
    Fantastic Attack Powers:
Block Mundane Die:  [X] High (L)  [  ] Low (I)  [  ] Weak
Block Fantastic Die:  [  ] High (I)  [X] Low (L)  [  ] Weak
    Barrier Powers: Armor (Leather) +1

TL: 2
Life: 12 
Training: Crippling Strike (-1 Opponent Move Die w/ successful mundane damage blow)
Doubles: 0

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