Saturday, June 5, 2010

[Part Two] Thoughts On Character Creation

Running with what I decided in Part One, I will expound on the following:

Combat Stats [#pps]
Initiative: mod (=dex mod) 
Base Attack: +7 [Ranged: mod, Melee: mod, Grapple: mod (BA+Str)] (14pp) (2pp/+1,Limit=PL)
Damage (dc): +5, Unarmed (+0), etc
Base Defense: +7 [Dodge Bonus: mod (1/2 Base Defense), Flat-footed: mod] (14pp) (2pp/+1,Limit=PL)
Toughness: +5
Knockback: -2 (1/2 tough save, size, immovable)
Hero Points: #

Focusing on the first stat I can work on (Initiative will be determined from Ability Stats - Dexterity) I will develop Base Attack. With tradeoffs, I decided to max this at +7 (PL+1). Now I have to decide why (justify) it. I could leave it at a +7 bought straightaway with pps, but I don't think all 7 points are innate. I think, based on my concept, that the character should be more focused on his primary weapon(s) and less-so on general attack. To that end, I will take some Feats that will modify this:

Feats [#pps]
Attack Focus 2 (melee)
Attack Specialization 2 (weapon)

With Attack Specialization providing the largest modifier (+2/rank) to the Base Attack (- 4), I will use it to determine the Base Bonus. These Feats change the Attack Stats as such:

Base Attack: +3 [Ranged: +3, Melee: +5, Grapple: mod (BA+Str), Weapon: +7] (6pp) (2pp/+1,Limit=PL)

The specialty drops the Base Attack bonus by 4 (for the +4 mod) to a +3. This saves me 8pp (14 cost to purchase outright - 6 current cost after factoring in Attack Specialization = 8pp) Nice!

Looking at Base Defense I feel the character is inherently hard to hit, but not wanting to purchase the full defense bonus outright, I will add 2 ranks of Dodge Focus. I don't want him to get caught too low when flatfooted.

Feats [#pps]
Attack Focus 2 (melee)
Attack Specialization 2 (weapon)
Dodge Focus 2

Which changes my Base Defense to so:

Base Defense: +5 (Base)/+7 (w/ Dodge Focus) [Dodge Bonus: +2 (1/2 Base Defense), Flat-footed: +3 (Base - Dodge Bonus)] (10pp) (2pp/+1,Limit=PL)

I think I will end Part Two there. Completing the Combat Stats requires equipment and Ability scores to be determined, which I will address in Part Three.

More to come...

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