Monday, June 14, 2010

HiLo Heroes: Thoughts On Batman And Spiderman

Keeping in mind that I have not gotten to play the rules as written (RAW) yet, there are some things that strike me as odd looking over the two iconic heroes I have tried to design using the rules thus far.

Starting with my recent interpretation of Batman (TL:B), I kept getting drawn to:

Barrier Defense Powers: Armor +1

Barrier Defense gives a plus one to both Mundane and Fantastic attacks directed at the character. I personally don't have that image of Batman in my melon. What I mean is, between Batman's Armor and Agility, their isn't much in the world of the Mundane that can phase him, let alone take him out. But I have a completely different opinion as far as Fantastic attacks against him go. Confronted with a Fantastic attack, I think Batman would retire to his Bat-Cave to roll a few skill checks vs Scientist, or Detective, to find out how to counter the effect of the attack. Then possibly allowing a Training: Block Fantastic Power with a successful Skill check, or series of successful Skill checks. After all, just how difficult it is to find out that Superman's weakness is kryptonite is totally speculative and left to the GM.

* Separating Block Mundane and Block Fantastic Powers is an interesting house-rule I will be considering as I play the RAW. I will be definitely watching for the possible conflicts of such a house-rule.

Further review has me considering the granularity of the d6. Specifically, a +1 or +2 from powers is rather 'super'. Hence my thoughts of limiting powers to an overall +2 per Ability. Taking this into account, as well as there not being any "Nullifing" powers, I have to wonder if they could be built for the system. My initial inclination is that the Nullifing Power would have to be specific, such as Nullify (To Hit) -1. As this power would only be appropriate to counter someone with a To Hit Power of +1 or greater, and by default would be 'limited', I can't but think that it would be cheaper than a normal power. Perhaps two -1s for the same Training or initial purchase of a single power.

This may lead to too much record keeping for my tastes, but it is an interesting concept, so I will keep the idea as a possible house rule. Again, after I have played with the RAW for a bit...

* Expanding powers to counter other powers at a 2:1 expense, or something similar, might be fun.

Something I want to consider further, as well, is Shape Shifting or even Growth... but I must control my tinker's desires at the moment. Maybe if I got to play, I could just push all these crazy thoughts aside!


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