Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hero Lab Experiment

This is kind of what I am shooting for with my series on character creation. So many people use Hero Labs that I decided to fire my PC up in Window$ mode and try it out.

In the free demo you cannot save your builds, but you can do a screen capture of the output, which I did. I hope it is legible enough to see what I am shooting for and that I can use it as a reference.

If I can figure out how to use Hero Labs in my preferred OS I might just purchase the program when M&M 3d comes out.

Well I see a mistake as I type this that I hope to be able to remedy when I finish the series; It has the Improved Trip Feat twice. Apparently it puts the Feats you assign to custom built weapons (in this case his flail) in your character feat section. I already had it there when I built him with a hammer because I couldn't find a flail in the weapons list.

Well, I believe I will be calling it a night.

Happy gaming,

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