Friday, June 11, 2010

HiLo Heroes: Spiderman (TL:B)

I am far from a comic book fan, but I like my Supers! I just prefer them on the big-screen. So I thought I would do a few 'starting level' HiLo Heroes from the movies and see what I come up with. First off: Spiderman...

Hero Name: The Amazing "Spidey" Spiderman
Civilian Name: Peter Parker
Professional Career: Artist - Photographer (Block Fan/H)
Hobby Career: Investigative Reporter (Evade/H +1)
Charge: Aunt May

Template/Action Dice/Powers
Build: Quick (HIGH Move, LOW Damage)
    Move Power: Wall Crawler +1
    Weakness: Damage (Losses +1 bonus all Heroes have to Damage)
Mentality: Intuitive (LOW Block Mundane, HIGH Block Fantastic)
Temperament: Cautious (LOW To Hit, HIGH Evade)
    Evade Power: Danger Sense +1

Life: 10
Training: Move Power (Swing Line +1) 

This build was made using the base character and I think does a good job at summing up the Amazing Spiderman (Peter Parker) right after he was bitten by the radioactive spider, and before he takes on the guise and mantel of his Super Hero persona.

Pretty cool when you consider it took me less than fifteen minutes to make him and that was with consulting the PDF for what powers went with what Action Die.

Maybe I should crank out a villain for him to fight randomly and see what happens?

That is best left to another night however,


  1. This is AWESOME! You know the funny thing is that Hi/Lo was built for easy of use, and random quick character creation. It does these things well. But, interestingly I never sat down and tried to recreate any of my favorite supers using these rules. It just never occurred to me. I am thinking that by assigning a few level ups to a starting character you could probably recreate a wide range of well known comic icons. This post makes me want to sit down and play around with my own game. It's been long enough now since I worked on it, it's like looking at someone else's work. And now I am seeing it again for what seems like the first time! Thanks for that.


    Jeff Moore

  2. Oh, and by the way. It's not free, but if you are interested in a rules-lite supers RPG with a bit more teeth than Hi/Lo you might give Icons by Steve Kenson (creator of M&M) a look. I am pretty impressed with it.


  3. Ladies and Gentlemen: Jeff Moore, writer and creator of HiLo Heroes. Thanks for stopping in Mr. Moore!

    I am really digging on your system and appreciate the direction to 'Icons'. I had stumble across it already, and have it in my sites, as I really like later incarnations of the FUDGE system, namely FATE. But for the time being HiLo Heroes scratches my itch just fine.

    I took a look at your comments on your site referencing my questions about PLs and think it meets with your approval. To that end, I think I will be 'Powering' up Spidey here with a couple Training Levels, as well as doing a Batman at his conception and a version of him with some Training Levels. (Unfortunately I am pretty much only familiar with the big screen versions of the Supers, as I didn't and don't, read a lot of comics)

    I still want to do a Play-by-Play test run of basic Spidey vs. some goons and maybe even stat up Dr. Octopus and The Green Goblin... Muh-ha-ha! I am also formulating some things for Powers that I hope to put out in a post in the near future once I have thought them through thoroughly. I also need to check the small print and see what license (if any) you released HiLo Heroes under.

    What I like about your HiLo Heroes is that I don't have to be too familiar with the Super to write them up. I can get the general feel of the character rather easily and the rest seems to be fleshed out through game play and role play. Awesomeness in a can, er PDF rather!


  4. Thanks for the words of praise. Hi/Lo is my copyright but I don't mind if people use it to create their own stuff ... that's why it's free. All my future stuff is being released as creative commons share alike attribution which basically means as long as you give me credit for the stuff that's mine and you don't charge any money ... do whatever you like. You can consider Hi/Lo or any of my stuff on my blog to be the same.


    Jeff Moore

  5. Oh, I do need to add that the art in HiLo isn't mine and is used under license from Louis Porter Design workshop. Don't reuse that elsewhere, just the text.