Thursday, June 24, 2010

HiLo Heroes: Countering / Nullifying Power

I haven't had time to play-test HiLo Heroes yet, but my tinker's brain can not stop processing its goodness.

I spoke briefly about an idea a few posts back. Conceptually I see a Countering or Nullifying Power as one that takes success to work, and rather than doing damage, degrades the target in other ways.

For example; this Spider-man has the following Powers for his Temperament...

Temperament: Cautious (LOW To Hit, HIGH Evade)
    Evade Powers: Danger Sense +1, Acrobatics +1
    To Hit Powers: Rapid Fire (Web Shooters) +1

Spidey seldom does physical damage to his opponents on the big-screen. To represent this, I see him more as a disarming type. To that end, I have thought that a To Hit Power: Disarm (Web Shooters) +1 would look rather snazzy for my interpretation of him.

The Power: Disarm could work with either the Temperament or the Build Abilities. A Temperament Power for ranged attacks and a Build (most likely best for Powerful Templates) for a hand-to-hand attack. Either way a successful damage dealing attack could strip the target of their weapon. (Limited - to a Mundane Damage producing 'power' such as firearms.) The opponent would lose their +1 for that Mundane Damage power rather than take physical damage. The target might be able to get that +1 back if they could re-arm themselves.

I could see this working for a 'Snare' where the targets Move bonuses is removed or even resulting in penalties if they don't have a Move Power...


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