Friday, June 4, 2010

Why I am here, a mission statement.

Over at my other blog; The Babbling Bane's Blog, which is dedicated to 0e D&D (Swords & Wizardry more precisely) I attempted to build a Mutants and Masterminds character. Blasphemy I know, so I decided to make another blog specifically for Fantasy M&M, and generally for M&M as a whole.

Why am I doing this? Well because M&M has always fascinated me. I found The Atomic Think Tank (ATT) and loved the thread named; Roll Call. Roll Call is for people to post their builds. I bought the PDFs of M&M Core and Ultimate Powers (UP) and tried my hand at it. I sucked. I was, even then trying to do a fantasy take on it with the help of a great guy; Joshua Dunlow, who was patient and tried to help me out. Thanks JD! But I didn't get it. Then recently, a week or two ago, I bought the Warriors & Warlocks (W&W) supplement for M&M. Armed with a book tailored to assist in making Fantasy M&M characters I tried again. JD squared me away with that one, that one was the wreck called Sally Forth, on my other blog. I had lost site of the PL and most of my calculations suffered for it.

As I contemplated not doing it anymore, I decided I would not be defeated! I have to figure this out, and what better place than a blog so I can... well blog about the process?

Perhaps I can get JD to 'Follow' this blog and give me pointers...


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