Sunday, June 6, 2010

[Part Three] Thoughts On Character Creation

I left off with most of the Combat Stats down and a few Feats chosen to justify the character concept for Base Attack and Base Defense. What I have thus far is:

Combat Stats [16pps]
Initiative: mod (=dex mod) 
Base Attack: +3 [Ranged: +3, Melee: +5, Grapple: mod (BA+Str), Weapon: +7] (6pp) (2pp/+1,Limit=PL)
Damage (dc): +5 max, +2 Unarmed (dc17), +5 Flail (dc20), etc
Base Defense: +5 (Base)/+7 (w/ Shield) [Dodge Bonus: +2 (1/2 Base Defense), Flat-footed: +3 (Base - Dodge Bonus)] (10pp) (2pp/+1,Limit=PL)
Toughness: +5 (+3 Con, +2 Armor)
Knockback: -2 (1/2 tough save, size, immovable)
Hero Points: #

Feats [7pps]
Attack Focus: 2 (melee)
Attack Specialization: 2 (weapon)
Dodge Focus: 2  Chose to take a shield instead
Equipment: 3 (15ep, 3ep remaining)

Adding Abilities and Equipment then adjusted the above...

Abilities [24pp]
Strength: 14 (+2), Dexterity: 16 (+3), Constitution: 16 (+3), Intelligence: 12 (+1), Wisdom: 14 (+2), Charisma: 12 (+1)

Equipment [12ep]
Studded Leather Armor: +2 Toughness (2ep)
Medium Shield: +2 Dodge, +2 Block (4ep)
Flail: +3 Damage, Crit 20, +2 Trip & Disarm (6ep)
* +2 for Trip & Disarm attacks might exceed PL limits if added (need to find out)

Yep, it was added to the errata:
Pg 107, Trip: At the end of this power’s description, add the following sentence “Trip counts as if it forced a saving throw for power level purposes.”
See here:

Dang something to consider. Do I just lose that bonus or modify my Attack Bonus to take it into consideration...

Stay tuned...

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