Monday, June 14, 2010

HiLo Heroes: Alternate Training Rules

A quick thought on alternate 'Training' rules that I thought I would put down in a post, so I didn't forget...

By default Powers in Training become full fledged powers once X number of doubles are rolled. Powers in Training can, by default, be use once per session as if the character had full use of that power...

How about allowing players to fuel their Power in Training when doubles are rolled? If a player rolls doubles, they can either; save the double and count it towards permanently obtaining the Power in Training (as the RAW already state), or they can spend that double and use that power then and there. Spending the double to power the Power in Training effectively uses up the double's effect and it is not counted toward advancement (experience).



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  1. I love that. It's a great house rule. It's house rules like these that allow game systems to grow and evolve and become better games. Awesome stuff here.