Monday, June 14, 2010

HiLo Heroes: A Powered Up Spiderman (TL:3)

While talking with the author, Jeff Moore, on his blog about how awesome I found HiLo Heroes I discussed how to represent characters that had advanced in Training several times as a quick reference to see how 'powerful' they were. I decided to take my had off to Mutants & Masterminds, but instead of calling them Power Levels (PL), I thought I would go with Training Levels (TL).

I was considering basic characters, those built with the default two Powers, as TL0 (or BT for Basic Training). Each time that they advance they will be considered +1 TL to their previous TL total. This does not include the new Power that they would be 'Training' on, and have to use 'Heroic Effort' to use.

A Powered Up Spiderman...

TL: 3
Hero Name: The Amazing "Spidey" Spiderman
Civilian Name: Peter Parker
Professional Career: Artist - Photographer (Block Fan/H)
Hobby Career: Investigative Reporter (Evade/H +2)
Charge: Aunt May

Template/Action Dice/Powers
Build: Quick (HIGH Move, LOW Damage)
    Move Power: Wall Crawler +1, Swing Line +1
    Weakness: Damage (Losses +1 bonus all Heroes have to Damage)
Mentality: Intuitive (LOW Block Mundane, HIGH Block Fantastic)
Temperament: Cautious (LOW To Hit, HIGH Evade)
    Evade Powers: Danger Sense +1, Acrobatics +1
    To Hit Powers: Rapid Fire (Web Shooters) +1

Life: 13
Training: Block Power (Invulnerable +1) 

This is how I would classify Spiderman at the pentacle of his career on the big screen. Five total Powers and rated with a Training Level of 3. At this point, I would hesitate to have any character with more than two powers per Template Aspect; Move, Damage, To Hit, Evade, Block Mundane, and Block Fantastic.

This would max a character out at ten powers, with Both Block types currently tied together.

More to come on the HiLo Heroe's Happy Hour. Stay tuned, same bat-time, same bat-channel!


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